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Global Reach

Global Reach

Welcome to the new world of Exis

The rapid globalization of business today has fueled demand for many companies to expand their geographic footprint. That’s why Tactix has been instrumental in forming Exis, a globally focused organization of leading, independent brokerage firms, dedicated exclusively to helping tenants and end users save money on their real estate by leveling the playing field with landlords at the negotiating table.

With Exis, our clients get “on the ground” market expertise from some of the most trusted commercial real estate firms around the globe while still enjoying the personal attention, expertise and unique skill sets they have come to expect from their Tactix advisors right next door. Because Exis firms never represent landlords or developers, our clients never have to worry whose side we’re on – our mission and loyalties are always clear and unambiguous. With Exis, we can now ensure that our clients’ real estate interests are protected almost anywhere their business takes them.

You can learn more about Exis and our global reach by visiting www.exisglobal.com.

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