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Our Services

Our Services

As a full-service tenant representation firm, we can structure and execute virtually any real estate transaction your company may need anywhere in the United States. For many of our clients, we act as their outsourced real estate department assisting with strategy and execution for their entire portfolio. For others, we provide added depth and support to their “in-house” real estate team on a specific lease or other real estate transaction. No matter what your company's real estate needs are, we can help you achieve your goals and lower your costs.

Leases and Lease Renewals

The Tactix team is extremely skilled in negotiating leases for any type of business, including office, warehouse/distribution, and laboratory space. Even if you like your space and don't want to move, we can help save you money on your renewal. Landlords make all of their profits on renewal deals and we think our clients are entitled to their fair share of the economies afforded by these deals. While other firms limit their involvement to the rent and other major financial terms, our backgrounds uniquely enable us to create value on other issues which can have a material impact on your operations, and bottom line.

Lease Restructurings

Some of our greatest client successes have been achieved in the context of lease restructurings. Careful planning at the outset of a lease negotiation can provide tenants with future flexibility to grow, contract or extricate themselves from space that no longer supports their business. Too often clients and their advisors don't take the time to think through these issues, focusing instead only on the rent and other economics. Often, that's when we get called in.

Whether you are saddled with an above market lease, have outgrown your space or need to shed excess space, we can help you find creative ways to achieve your objectives.

Build-to-Suit Transactions

We are experts in build-to-suit transactions, having structured millions of square feet of projects around the United States. We work with our clients to select the best location, design and construction team and governmental incentives professionals to achieve their business objectives.

Because no single design or construction team or incentives professional is right for every type of project or location, we work hard to find the "best of breed" partners for each client. By taking the time to understand our clients' ultimate objectives, we make sure that their facility will not only work for them the day they move in, but also in the future.

Transaction Management

We know our clients are not in the real estate business – that's why they turn to us. We act as their outsourced real estate department to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction. Because of our professional backgrounds, we are uniquely qualified to manage:

  • Outside counsel
  • Design professionals and engineers
  • Contractors and project managers
  • Surveyors
  • Title companies

to ensure a smooth, well integrated and efficient transaction. We work with these outside professionals to uncover and analyze every alternative so that our clients can make the best decision for their business.

Capital Markets Transactions

Each client is unique and has specific operational and financial objectives. As a result, traditional solutions such as operating leases or outright acquisitions don't always work for every one. We have structured numerous sale/leaseback, credit tenant lease and other off-balance sheet transactions to achieve our client's financial and reporting objectives.

Portfolio Management

We work with our clients to devise an overall real estate strategy for their portfolio. Whether it's developing criteria for determining whether specific properties should be owned or leased or identifying opportunities for monetizing assets, shedding unnecessary space or consolidating properties to achieve operational and economic efficiencies, we make sure that our clients' real estate supports their business model and not the other way around.

Our hands-on approach enables us to be proactive in identifying opportunities, anticipating issues and providing solutions rather than being reactive to problems as they arise. In sum, we worry about your real estate so you can spend your time worrying about your business.

Lease Audits

We spend a lot of time negotiating comprehensive operating expense and real estate tax pass-through provisions for our clients in order to protect their economic interests. To ensure that landlords comply with the requirements of these lease provisions, and our clients are not overcharged for expenses, we built a sophisticated lease audit practice. While it is rare that landlords intentionally overcharge tenants, mistakes do occur.

Utilizing thorough and careful lease audit processes, we have secured substantial refunds for tenants while preserving healthy relationships among the parties involved.

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