Tactix: The Tenant Broker

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Tactix Advantage

Tactix Advantage

Absolutely Conflict Free

You wouldn't want your attorney to represent a party whose interests were adverse to yours, so why would you allow your broker to do so? Most brokerage firms represent landlords and tenants in the same market and make the majority of their money on the landlord side. We only represent tenants. We have never represented landlords and never will. As a result, we always work hard to drive your real estate costs down and give all landlords an equal chance to compete for your deal. Sometimes in life you need to choose sides.

We Hire From the Neck Up

We believe brokers need to be more than just space finders. That is why, in building Tactix, we have consciously assembled a team of real estate professionals unlike those in any other brokerage firm. Three of our brokers were formerly real estate partners at major, national law firms; two were also chairs of their law firm's real estate practice group. We have several other former attorneys on staff as well as many MBAs and other advanced degreed professionals who can help level the playing field with your landlord's negotiating team. Our strong legal, financial and deal management skills allow us to create value other brokers cannot.

“Bet the Business” Experience

Given our unique model and professionals, it is not surprising that our team has executed many of the largest and most complex tenant representations in the region since 1997. While some brokerage firms may show you an impressive deal roster, in many cases they were actually representing the landlord on the transaction or were acting as local broker for a national account client managed by another broker in their firm from another city. Further, these lists represent the collective experience of all of their brokers, not the experience of the individual broker who will be running your deal. All of our deals are on the tenant side and in each we were the principal broker.

Putting Your Interests First

Tactix is owned by its founding brokers who are actively engaged in the practice. That means we can and do take the long term view in managing our deals and our client relationships. With no annual sales quotas imposed on us by headquarters, we can wait for the right time to close your deal. That's important because sometimes it's just not in your best interest to sign a lease by December 31.

Extraordinary Value

We cost the same as all other brokers. Our fee is a standard market commission that is paid by the landlord. Since we cost no more than other brokers, why wouldn't you consider using the Tactix team that has unique legal and financial backgrounds, a conflict free business model and more tenant only representation experience than virtually any other team?

Raving Fans

When most companies describe their investment bankers, attorneys, consultants and accountants, they use adjectives like “smart,” “creative,” “tenacious” and “loyal.” As real estate can represent one of your company's largest line item expenditures, we think you ought to be saying the same things about your broker. We are extremely proud of what our clients have to say about us and the results we have achieved for them. If you're not raving about your broker, maybe you should talk to us.