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A Better Brokerage Model

In 1997, we set out to radically change the commercial real estate brokerage model. We believed by hiring the smartest and most experienced brokers, creating a culture of collaboration and teamwork, encouraging teams to form around the client's specific needs, and committing to never (ever) represent landlords, we could change brokerage as usual.

Absolutely Conflict Free

100% Tenant Representation

You wouldn't want your attorney to represent a party whose interests were adverse to yours, so why would you allow your broker to do so? Most brokerage firms represent landlords and tenants in the same market and make the majority of their money on the landlord side. We only represent tenants. We have never represented landlords and never will. As a result, we always work hard to drive your real estate costs down and give all landlords an equal chance to compete for your deal. Sometimes in life you need to choose sides.

Exceptionally Skilled and Experienced Professionals

We consciously built Tactix to achieve unexpected outcomes for our clients by hiring individuals with strong real estate and business backgrounds including former real estate lawyers, MBAs, and finance and real estate professionals, many of whom with advanced degrees in real estate related fields. Our brokers offer exceptional value.

Meet the Team

We Focus on What We Do Better Than Anyone

Tactix has always believed if you try to be all things to all people, you cannot deliver exceptional value to anyone. That is why we have resisted industry pressure to add non-core, ancillary services simply to grow revenue and, instead, have remained laser-focused in our pursuit of excellence in the one thing we do better than anyone –tenant representation services. Our outsized success over more than two decades is a validation of this purity of purpose.

Our Unique Approach Consistently Yields Better Outcomes for Tenants

We approach every project differently depending on the goals of the particular client and the constraints and opportunities of the requirement. Our approach to helping a fledgling drug company who needs larger lab space but has little cash or credit is very different than our approach in helping companies like FMC or Nutrisystem secure their headquarters. We believe that our success over the years is inherently due to the unique ways in which we approach each assignment. A few of the ways we approach real estate differently include (1) not subscribing to the myth of "market", (2) negotiating all material business and legal terms when the tenant/occupier's leverage is maximized, and (3) keeping an open mind about what is possible, even if at first it appears impossible.

How We Get Paid

Virtually every lease deal has built into it a commission pool for the brokers involved in the transaction. The landlord funds this commission pool. If the tenant is not represented by a broker, the landlord's listing agent will generally claim the entire commission for himself. If, however, the tenant is represented, the listing agent must share this commission pool with the tenant's broker. As a result, tenants should retain the services of a broker to represent their interests. In most cases, going without representation simply results in a larger commission for the landlord's agent.

Advocacy no matter where your business takes you

With Exis, our clients get “on the ground” market expertise from some of the most trusted commercial real estate firms around the globe while still enjoying the personal attention, expertise and unique skill sets they have come to expect from their Tactix advisors right next door. Because Exis firms never represent landlords or developers, our clients never have to worry whose side we’re on – our mission and loyalties are always clear and unambiguous. With Exis, we can now ensure that our clients’ real estate interests are protected almost anywhere their business takes them.

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