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Sometimes the Solution is One No One Thought Was Possible

Any brokerage company can find you space and do a “market” deal. Whether it’s converting a vacant department store into a laboratory/headquarters to save 12 months of construction and millions of dollars in costs, or structuring the first ever office project to qualify for Keystone Opportunity Zone tax exempt status (Cira Centre), we are always looking for new and novel ways to solve our client’s unique real estate challenges. We pride ourselves on achieving results that no one thought possible.

Because Dechert already has significant in-house real estate expertise, we were looking for much more than typical brokerage services for our headquarters project. We wanted a firm that not only knew the market, but also was extremely creative and could complement our abilities. Their creativity, comprehensive financial analysis, modeling skills and extensive experience with large, complex real estate transactions, made them a valuable part of our project team. I have recommended them to my clients and will definitely use them again.

Barton J. Winokur CEO

Tactix provides the services and market insight one would expect of a top-flight firm, but they bring much more. Their extensive relationships, multidisciplinary backgrounds, and ability to add quantifiable value set Tactix apart from its competitors.

Michael Forman Chairman And CEO

Before meeting and then working with Tactix, I had not paid much attention to the concept of ‘tenant representation’ and conflicts of interest in brokerage. I'll never make that mistake again. The Tactix team was tenacious and an unflagging advocate for our firm. I'm a perfectionist so there are only a few decisions in my life I haven't second guessed; Tactix was one of them. Tactix’s performance has exceeded my expectations.

Stephen Christian Managing Director

After almost a year of intense negotiations on our new 200,000sf+ headquarters, Tactix helped deliver a very unique transaction structure incorporating many one-of-a-kind financial terms and critical project controls for CSC. Their sophisticated real estate and legal backgrounds and negotiating tenacity were key to making this deal a success. They continue to be a valued partner of ours on the real estate front.

Tom Porth CFO

Value, value, value…from a CFO’s perspective these are the 3 most important things in a real estate relationship. Based on our direct experience, I can’t say enough about Tactix and their expert team when it comes to business partnering and delivering value on a real estate transaction. The sheer complexity and strategic nature that any facility, real estate decision inherently brings deserves a partner who will analyze, summarize, negotiate and bring home what are hugely important decisions in any company’s evolution.

Dave Hastings CFO

Tactix was an invaluable thought partner for us in our protracted search for our new Giving Factory warehouse and offices. Their consummately professional team understood the multi-faceted needs of this rapidly-growing and fiscally conservative nonprofit. Their deep bench strength and keen knowledge of the region enabled us to find a new home in a competitive market for less than we had budgeted, while giving us 33% more capacity to help children. Not only that, it is fun to work with them!

Michal Smith Executive Director

We can focus on practicing law because we know, with Tactix, we’re getting sound advice, strategy and recommendations from our real estate consultants…Tactix has been the poster child for a client-advisor relationship.

Mark L. Silow Firm-wide Administrative Partner

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