Tactix: The Tenant Broker

  • We wanted to create a better real estate brokerage company...

  • …one that was absolutely conflict free…

    “Before meeting and then working with Tactix, I had not paid much attention to the concept of tenant representation and conflicts of interest in brokerage. I'll never make that mistake again. The Tactix team was tenacious and an unflagging advocate for our firm. I'm a perfectionist so there are only a few decisions in my life I haven't second guessed; Tactix was one of them. Tactix's performance has exceeded my expectations.”

    Stephen Christian
    Managing Director
    Kreischer Miller

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  • …with brokers who have incomparable skill sets…

    “Tactix's creativity, comprehensive financial analysis and extensive experience with large, complex real estate transactions—from both the legal and business perspectives—made them a valuable part of our project team.”

    Barton J. Winokur
    Dechert LLP

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  • …who clients would turn to for their most important matters…

    “Working with Tactix was much more than a pleasure. For me it was a wonderful learning opportunity in the art of negotiation. I greatly appreciated your responsiveness, your attention to detail, your creativity in finding solutions, and your ever present focus on the goal of getting the best lease deal possible for the long term. Your great work will benefit the partners of Potter Anderson for the next fifteen years. Thank you is totally insufficient, best wishes!”

    Donald P. Parks
    Executive Director
    Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP

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  • …whose interests would always be aligned with our clients’…

    “There is no comparison between Tactix and other brokers. Tactix took the time to understand our needs and develop a well thought out strategy. They worked with us for two years, insisting we wait for the right deal even though this worked against their financial interests. We are thrilled with the outcome and are glad Tactix will be in our corner going forward.”

    Robert Cleveland
    General Counsel
    Hamilton Lane

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  • …and who would provide extraordinary value.

    “Tactix’s approach appeared much more thoughtful than other brokerage firms and we got senior level attention from the firm. In the end, Tactix not only got us a wonderful economic deal, but they also ensured that our interests were being protected and properly documented. In addition, because we had complete trust in the Tactix team to lead the real estate process, our management was able to focus on our core business.”

    David Clark

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  • Sounds like we did.

    “When we interviewed brokers for our office renewal Tactix was by far the best. And it wasn't even close. We chose Tactix over a long-time client because we needed to do what was best for our company. We wanted somebody who wasn't going to be afraid to go to bat for us. That is what really attracted us to Tactix. Their tone was aggressive, assertive and fair. Everyone at The Graham Company is thrilled with the work that Tactix did.”

    Mike Brady
    The Graham Company

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  • "BIG NEWS at Tactix with these exciting new assignments: Nutrisystem (120,000sf), Blank Rome (150,000sf), Stark & Stark (75,000sf), Puresyn (30,000sf) and many others!"


Tactix is one of the Delaware Valley's fastest-growing commercial real estate brokerage firms. Unlike most other firms in the category, we advocate exclusively for the interests of tenants and other end users in their dealings with landlords, developers and sellers.

Before coming to us, most of our clients were represented by other commercial real estate brokerage firms. Many worked with larger, national firms—and thought they were being well represented. Why did they switch to Tactix? Simply, our business model made more sense to them: our brokers have a wider range of unique backgrounds and experience, and can add greater value to our clients’ positions. See our 60-second video.

We don't look like other brokerage firms or brokers for a reason.