PBJ Feature: reservation for one

Lawfirms turn to hotel-like office bookings, hybrid workplace model as real estate needs shrink

Tactix Real Estate Advisors was just featured in a front page Philadelphia Business Journal article about our 2020 Law Firm Space Utilization Survey. (Research performed together with FCArchitects) We have been doing these every five years in conjunction with the Philadelphia Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. We also happen to represent 6 of the 9 lawfirms featured in the articles.

As office space represents the second largest line item expense for most law firms, we know it’s critically important for them to use space wisely. The impact on future space utilization as a result of new, remote work habits will be seismic. Rather than rely on others to do space studies, our Tactix brokers do all the work with FCA in creating the survey, interviewing firms and writing up the results. We are especially proud to be representing almost all of the law firms mentioned in the article. Well done Tactix team and FCA.

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Lawyers; Reservations for One



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